Wednesday, June 17, 2015

ABC Yoga

Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Curiosity museum 

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Maddie Moo

Oh how we love our sweet Maddie. She is just so precious and sweet. She is so much fun at this stage. She gets into everything but makes the cutest faces and expressions. It is so much fun to watch her grow. It's especially fun to watch our other kids enjoy her and see how much fun they have watching her grow as well. She is such a sweet addition to our family. She just turned 2 yesterday. She is itty bitty and so cute. Right now she LOVES Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse and watches it all the time. She also still loves Frozen and hasn't gotten tired of it at all! She loves to play with Deacon and get into trouble with him. She loves to wear backpacks. She also loves to wear shoes that aren't hers. She LOVES to brush her teeth and anytime she hears someone in the house brushing their teeth she runs to them yelling teeth, teeth! It's very cute. She is a great sleeper and we just put her in her bed by herself and she goes right to sleep, which is awesome. She also loves her binkie and would often times have 2 in her mouth at once. Sadly, we made her give up a couple days ago. She is going pretty good which is kind of surprising. She loves books. She loves trying to be one of the big kids and do whatever it is they are doing, even if she can't. She talks more and more all the time and is saying more sentences. She makes the cutest "cheese" face when we are taking her picture. She loves animals. We are so lucky she is in our family!

Here she is with 2 binkies.

At the zoo

She gives the best hugs

She loves baby dolls and loves to sleep with them.

Her first trip to the dentist

First time at the ocean

Dinosaur museum

In January her finger got shut in a door and the top came unattached and she had to have stitches to reattach it. It was no fun.

Farm Country

Loved this when I woke up in the middle of the night

Another shot of her "cheese" face

She always lays lie this to watch shows.

One morning she would not get off my face. It was precious.

Monday, February 2, 2015


Deacon is 3 and a half and is 1 little boy that is FULL of energy. He can go and go all day long and wears us out for sure. He is definitely the cutest little guy too. He is definitely different than the girls and acts like a crazy little boy and runs around and makes weird sounds. He is such a sweet little guy who loves to give kisses and hugs. Sometimes I feel bad that he doesn't have a brother but I think he is just fine because He LOVES his sisters. They love to dote on him too. He also likes to play house with them and be the grandpa or "baby daddy" as he likes to call it. He is so excited when the girls get home from school to play with. He and Emily are really similar and like to run after and tackle each other. He is usually pretty nice to Maddie. When she was little he liked to hit her all the time but hasn't done that for awhile. He is also super polite. One of my favorite things he does is when Ben gets home from work he will ask, "how was work Dad". Or asks his sisters, "How was school"? He is in preschool too and he is learning so much. He LOVES sports. I have never seen a little boy love sports as much as he does. He has been able to hit a baseball that someone pitches to him since he was barely 2. He loves to watch them and depending on what sport it is he will get out the equipment and play along with them. Even if it is track and field he will pretend he is racing along with them. It is so fun to watch him grow. He is starting to get into drawing and likes to draw us pictures and tell us what they are. He is a little stinker but makes our home happier place. He still will not sleep in his own bed. He ends up in our bed every night! He loves milk and wants to drink it all the time. Anytime he and Maddie have a cup he will hurry and drink most of it and then get Maddie to switch and give him her almost full cup, he's a super tricky little guy. He all the time tries to act like a toy is really cool just so he can get Maddie to switch with him because he really wants what she has. He's not a huge eater but likes pizza but not pepperoni. The only ice cream he really will eat is sherbet. He wants to be just like his dad and loves playing with him all the time. He loves Toy Story and Cars. He loves to always have cars in his hand and just drive them around the place. When he was a little younger he would always fall asleep with either a ball or car in his hand every night. For some reason he also thinks Trafalga is Oklahoma and every time he drives by he yells, I want to go to Oklahoma! He is so fun to watch and see what he comes up with next. Lately he loves to sing too which has been so much fun. He is the best little guy and we are lucky he is ours!

One day he was sitting on my lap just singing and singing and here is one of the videos I made

Loves camping

3rd birthday



Pirate at the curiosity museum

He always wears random outfits

Minion for Halloween '14

dinosaur museum

I love taking picture of our kids asleep

Love these two pictures of them

This will always be one of my favorites of Deacon. When he met maddie for the first time.

Farm country

Waiting for Annie to get off the bus

Being crazy at Uncle Otto's

Cute boy

Friday, November 21, 2014

Annie Bug

Annie oh Annie. I don't know if I can fully describe Annie in words. She most definitely has the biggest personality of any child I know and we love it! She is hilarious. She says the funniest things and she has no idea she is being funny. Also the faces she makes when she says stuff is what really cracks us up. I wish I had been writing down somewhere all the funny things she says. She is so fun to have in our family. She is in Kindegarten and learning SO much. We have been so proud of the progress she has made so far and know she will keep learning a ton. She is also pretty good at sharing and usually doesn't mind sharing things with her brother and sisters. She loves being a big sister and is so protective of Deacon and Maddie. She still likes to use a high pitch baby voice when she talks to them and still gets so excited to see Maddie in the morning when she wakes up, even a year and a half later. She loves animals and wants a dog so bad. She is getting very good at drawing and has a good imagination. She also likes to use her hair as a napkin. One day I picked her up from school and she was so excited to tell me she had a cupcake and I asked her if it was orange and she was shocked that I knew. It was because she has orange frosting in her hair. She LOVES frosting. She usually never eats the cake and only the frosting. She is strong willed. She thinks it's hilarious to be naked. She considers herself a fashionista and is pretty particular about what she will and won't wear, which can be a lot of fun sometimes. She loves chapstick and lip gloss and we always have to take them away from her because she likes to eat them. She also doesn't like to be active very much and by that I mean she's pretty lazy. It takes almost no time before her feet hurt and she can't walk anymore. Somehow her feet can also hurt when she is sitting down. We always plan on her lagging behind anytime we are going somewhere that involves walking. She is beautiful and I can't believe how grown up she is becoming. She and Emily are such good buddies, I think she doesn't actually realize she is younger than her and that there are things she isn't able to do yet. I hope she and Emily are always as close as they are now.
Here she is on laughing gas at the dentist. It was hilarious. It was like having an Annie 2.0. She would crack up at nothing.
She was Draculora for Halloween.

I made her stand in front of this sign and she had no idea why. Annie was a pig
Faces I find on my phone

First day of school
Covered in lip gloss
She likes a "high-waisted look" and will tuck in almost everything she wears and pulls her pants up really high.
Rock climbing at the Xactware work party
I love this picture of her jumping on my Uncles dock

She has killer dance moves
She also played T-ball which was a pretty hilarious experience. I wasn't her most favorite thing in the world. She always had a "tummy ache" before games or practice.